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The most common words in Lithuanian ( verbs nr. 1 )

I strongly believe that the way languages are taught traditionally in school is frustrating and inefficient. The first step to get out of this is WORD FREQUENCY.

Some words are used a lot more than others. According to research, 1000 common words are 80% of vocabulary in oral speech. This amount of words would let you express yourself and start participating in Lithuanian conversation!

Each month I'm going to share some words from my list "1000 the most common words in Lithuanian". During my teaching and learning experience I have found the list. And of course, your personal vocabulary ( from your personal environment ) is always mandatory.

Don't forget to learn not only 3 main forms of a verb, but also to learn a result and a case which comes with a verb.

All lists of words you can find here, on my blog.

The list ( verbs nr. 1 )

  1. Būti, yra, buvo - to be ( irregular ) ( Aš esu / tu esi / jis, ji yra / mes esame / jūs esate / jie, jos yra )

  2. (pa) kartoti, kartoja, kartojo - to repeat (acc)

  3. reikšti, reiškia, reikškė - to mean (acc) What does it mean? Ką tai reiškia?

  4. (pa - a bit ) kalbėti, kalba, kalbėjo - to speak (acc/about - apie + acc)

  5. norėti, nori, norėjo - to want (gen)

  6. turėti, turi, turėjo - to have / to have to (acc)

  7. galėti, gali, galėjo - to be able

  8. ( per - result / pa - a bit ) skaityti, skaito, skaitė - to read (acc)

  9. ( pa - a bit ) dirbti, dirba, dirbo - to work (loc)

  10. ( pa - a bit ) gyventi, gyvena, gyveno - to live (loc)

  11. suprasti, supranta, suprato - to understand (acc)

  12. (pa) sakyti, sako, sakė - to say (acc)

  13. (pa) rašyti, rašo, rašė - to write (acc)

  14. atsiminti / prisiminti, prisimena, prisiminė - to remember (acc)

  15. atsiprašyti, atsiprašo, atsiprašė - to apologise / to be sorry (gen / už (acc) / dėl (gen)

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