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  • How fast can I start expressing myself if I start from scratch?
    By learning the most popular 500 words, you will start understanding and speaking quite well. After learning the 1000 most popular words, which is A2 level, you will be able to understand 80% of the language. If you could manage to learn 3 new words a day, you will reach 500 words in 6 months and 1000 words in 1 year.
  • What is the best number of lessons per week?
    Two lessons per week keeps you on track and will not you let you forget information from a previous lesson. In contrast, if you take 1 lesson per week the progress will be very slow. Three lessons per week would probably be too much for most students. But if you have enough time and energy, 3 lessons would be intensive and super beneficial. Usually we use the 3rd lesson for extra speaking games.
  • Do I need to buy a textbook?
    No. All needed information is provided in pdf and google docs.
  • How much time will I need to spend doing homework?
    Usually it takes more or less an hour. Since the main target is usually is to reach fluent speaking, my method for homework is for a student to prepare a monologue or a text to retell according to a provided topic. If we start from scratch, we will start from basic sentences but the idea remains the same.
  • I understand pretty much everything but cannot say anything. Can lessons help me to overcome this?
    Yes! 50% of students come with the same issue. And they all succeed in fluent speaking during lessons.
  • Payment
    I ask to pay upfront for one month. At the end of month I ask you to decide how many lessons would you like to take for a next month and then I send an invoice. Lesson can be canceled at least 24 hours before a class for free. If some classes left from a previous month - we can transfer to a next month. Payment can be made via Revolut or Swedbank.
  • If I start from scratch, will we learn theme by theme or is there another method to learn?"
    Since my method for beginners is to learn only the most popular words and the most important parts of grammar, connecting them to your preferences and current situation, I would like to personally discuss a learning program in a trial lesson. According to your needs, I will suggest topics for vocabulary, grammar and exercises.
  • I see you have only one-on-one private lessons. Can I have classes with my friend?
    Unfortunately, I believe one-on-one private lessons give the best results.
  • Why is there a minimum of 6 lessons per month?
    From my teaching experience, 6 lessons per month is the minimum necessary for the learning process to be rewarding. But holidays or other vacations are, for sure, acceptable.
  • What equipment do I need?
    A computer. Since we use google docs during lessons and the student and I work there together, tablets or phones do not perform here perfectly.
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